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About OSI Dans

OSI Dans is the dance club of and for students in Oslo. We are a big club focused on fun and good training and a high level of our classes, as well as a very good social environment. Since 1995 we make sure everyone is dancing with everyone: We rotate partners on all our courses so you do not have to bring a partner to dance with us. Courses start at the beginning of each semester. We are allowed to include 20% non-students each semester.

What our members say:
Brilliant happy with everything! The courses and festivals have been superb, so glad I've joined OSI dance :)
To join OSI Dans was the best decision this year, I love the atmosphere!
It has been a very fun holiday with dance! Dance parties and social dance have been so fun! Good work! I will definitely continue to dance!
A nice association with lots of activity, good structure and good environment!
Very good environment! Very nice to come as new to an inclusive environment, where even the experienced and professional takes time for both talk and dance!
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Prerequisites, terms and prices for membership and participation

To attend dance classes and social dance / fridays you need:

Membership in OSI (Oslo Students Sports Club) & Membership in OSI Dans. This is what you apply for at the bottom of this page.
admission card or membership to the fitness center chain "SiO Athletica". This you have to fix yourself directly with SiO (see below for links).
Other arrangements for OSI Dans can be seen here. We note that there is an 18-year age limit for attending our dance classes and events. We also expect regular attendance at our dance course - especially in the group dance courses, as it is the goal to have a dance show at the end of the semester.

OSI Dans takes the liberty of taking pictures of members and participants at all events that can be used in advertising.

Prices for membership

Unfortunately, OSI Dans has given less and less salt time to hold dance classes on the premises of the SIO Athletica fitness center. This has led to increasing dissatisfaction among the course participants regarding the duration and duration of the courses. At the same time, it prevents OSI Dans from expanding with multiple levels.
OSI Dans would like to arrange for as many different dance courses as possible with so many levels, many courses and long courses as possible. Therefore, OSI Dans was forced to move the courses out of SIO Athletica and rent external halls instead. This entails a price change.
The advantage of our members is that they have so far paid large sums to SIO Athletica, which did not bring OSI dance to good. Since the club is run by volunteers, all revenue goes to running the club. Most of the members pay will benefit them directly.
If you look at what members have paid to be a member of the SIO Athletica fitness center, the price will not be higher. When moving out, members who participate in them will not be allowed to pay Athletica fees. What was paid earlier to Athletica is now paid to OSI Dans.

Membership fee for the 2019 autumn semester if you are going to take one or more courses NOT held at a SIO Athletica center

General OSI fee120,00 200,00
Membership fee for membership + classes not held at Athletica
570,00 1.500,00
Entry to the halls of dance classes not held at SIO Athletica
Sum fees for membership + classes not held at SIO Athletica
Billing fee4% of total amount
+ 10,- NOK
4% of total amount
+ 10,- NOK
Total sum for membership + classes not held at Athletica 726,-1778,-

Membership fee for the 2019 autumn semester if you only want to take a course held at an SIO Athletica Center, or if you want to take more courses all held at an SIO Athletica Center

General OSI fee120,00 200,00
Membership fee for membership + dancing classes held at Athletica 570,00 740,00
Entry fee to training center chain SIO AthleticaPrices at SiO Athletica Prices at SiO Athletica
Sum fees for dancing classes held at SIO Athletica690,- + Prices at SiO Athletica940,- + Prices at SiO Athletica
Billing fee4% of total amount
+ 10,- NOK
4% of total amount
+ 10,- NOK
Total sum for membership + dancing classes held at Athletica 726,- + Prices at SiO Athletica 987,- + Prices at SiO Athletica

It is still possible to sign up for as many courses as you want for the membership fee.

OSI (Oslo Students' Sports Club) and SIO (Studentsamskipsnaden in Oslo and Akershus) are two different organizations. Most of our courses take place at the fitness centers of SiO Athletica (see the syllabus - if your course is called something called "Athletica" in the name of a SiO Athletica fitness center). To attend these courses, you must pay for access to the fitness centers - in addition to membership of OSI and OSI Dans.

Included in membership of OSI Dans:
 Attendance at the dance course (after confirming your application for a course!)
 Participation in social dance and leisure activities
 Membership of the Norwegian Dance Federation

Not included:
Social and sporting events such as dance parties, cabins, competitions, shows and workshops - prices for these vary and are published on their own pages
Access to the gyms of SiO Athletica (this is where our courses and part of the workshops take place) - you must arrange it directly with SIO Athletica. Prerequisite for accessing the courses that take place there!

With a purchase from OSI dans, there is a 14 days cancellation period as of the Cancellation Act. (https://lovdata.no/dokument/NLE/lov/2014-06-20-27)

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